If you only have 30 Minutes to prepare your home for a showing… what should you do?

A client recently called and said that she had just booked a last minute showing – the problem… the house was a wreck… what to do??!!

My top 5 quickie staging tips:

1)  CLEAN!  First and foremost a house on the market needs to be sparkling clean!  Grab a wet rag and go over all the counter tops, throw the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, do a quick sweep/vacuum of the floor and make sure the toilets and bathrooms are tidy.  Also, spot clean the floor if needed.

2)  LIGHT!  Turn on ALL the lights and open the blinds/drapes.  And while you are at it, take a hard long look at those window treatments… are they outdated and faded?  It might be best to just take them down completely.

3)  DECLUTTER!  Pick up any stray items and throw them in a basket or in your car if you are really in a rush.

4)  HIDE!  Look around at all the knick-knacks you have around, all the small items on shelves and table tops and family photos… now is not the time to show off your cousin’s graduation picture!  You want a potential buyer to focus on falling in love with your home, not looking at your pictures that remind them that this is someone else’s home… you want them to visualize it as being their new home!

5)  REARRANGE!  This could take quite a bit longer than 30 minutes, but take a quick look and see if there are any easy changes you can make with your furniture to enhance traffic flow.  Will removing a couple dining chairs open up the dining  room a bit?  Can you move a side table to another room to allow for better flow in a living room?  Get creative and think as a buyer!




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